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Go4 Together Application is for Social apps enthusiast and most frequent users of social apps/sites, Go4 Together App provides a comfortable environment to select four (4) social apps/ site and enjoy it at the same time in a matrix of four windows.

Go4 Together App is available for Android/iPhone users and users of iPad, iPad Pro and iPad Mini and iPad Air.  Go4 Together Application has been developed to provide more comfort and ease to the Social media/site users on these devices. Basically ‘Go4 Together App’ allows to see four (4) applications on a single page while all four are in full working and viewing mode. There is a button to make one application on full page anytime and user can come back to the four application matrix through ‘Go4 Together’ button on all social apps listed. At the time of its first launch social apps/ sites users are expected to load this App with a charm and comfort of having four apps/sites activities view in a single wink of an eye, and App will allow them to see what’s happening in four 4 apps/sites simultaneously.