Q1. What is Go4 Together App?

A1. Go4 Together App is designed to provide more functionalities and facilities to social media users. Main functionalities is that Go4 Together App provides a list of Social Sites/Apps to select four of them and it provides a matrix of four selected application on a single screen to log in and browse all four applications momentously.

On selection a single application out of four on display open on full page for users’ activities on that social media app. While user can come back to Go4 Together app through clicking <Go4 Together> button on top.

Q2. What apple devices are supporting Go4 Together App?

Go4 Together App is designed as universal for all Android based devices as well as Apple devices, so it will work smoothly on all android phones and iPhone 6,7,8, X variants and iPads.

Q3. How I can load Go4 Together App?

Go4 Together App is available on Apple Store and search go4 together and you will get the App with our familiar logo

Press ‘Get’ button to download the app on your device.

Q4. How to utilize Go4 Together App?

  1. Just click on Go4 Together App logo on your device;
    1. Select four Apps
    1. Sign-Up or Sign-In/ Log-In in your selected social apps/websites one by one and in few seconds all will show its working screens in Go4 Together App matrix of 4 applications on a single view.
  • You can view and access all of your four application in their respective boxes, however if you click on this box, the application will open on full page.

At any time you can go back to Go4 Together App matrix of 4 social apps by clicking <Go4 Together> button on left top of social application.